Hot & cold Deli sandwiches hot food bar and fresh salad bar Rehoboth Beach, DE

Grub is scheduled to be closed Monday May 6th through Thursday May 9th, 2019 to facilitate some renovations. We apologize for any inconvenience but we think you will appreciate the improvements that we make for you! Grub will be reopen on Friday, May 10th, 2019 at 9 am.


We look forward to seeing you on the 10th!

Grub subs and lunch specials

What's New @ Grub Kitchen?


Grub Grocery is now Grub Kitchen with more emphasis on delicious dishes than groceries! We are constantly upgrading and improving all aspects of Grub to make your beach grocery shopping easier and more convenient. Keep checking this page to see what we have added at Grub. Please give us your feedback on the changes. Let us know what's a hit and what needs improvement.

Fresh sushi from The Cultured Pearl Restaurant, Friday - Tuesday during the off season and everyday during the regular season!


Freshly made, hot off the grill lunch and dinner treats, sub sandwiches and hamburgers made to order!

Turkey Grub

Mozzarella Sticks

Grub Hamburger

Grub Chiken Fingers

Grub Mob sub sandwich

Onion Rings


Newly renovated and vastly improved to better searve you and you guests!

The New Grub Kitchen

The Grub Kitchen - Coffee Station!

The Grub Kitchen - Salad Bar and Fixin's!



Call in your order and save time! (302) 226-GRUB or (302) 226-4782


Grub Coffee

Coffee Program

We are proud to offer fresh ground and fresh brewed top secret blended coffees. Better coffee at much better prices!


Small cup only $1.00

Large only $1.50



Grub - Fresh Ground Coffee!

Party Platers

Breakfast Sandwiches

Come on in - don't wait in line for an expensive, so-so breakfast. Get a made-to-order breakfast sandwich, fresh fruit salad, fresh brewed coffee and fresh baked pastries and more...
Breakfast Menu >




Party Platers

Party Platers

For any size gatherings, parties, weddings, birthdays & beach bashes. Filled with gourmet meats, cheeses, fruits and other delicacies.

Lunch Menu >

Grub Coffee

Grub Retail

We are constantly improving upon our local, natural and organic selections. Remember - we love special orders. Last summer we carried Dandelion Greens just for a visitors pet lizard!

We also, carry seasonal items like fire wood in the winter an beach chairs in the summer... It's the little things that count!